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Liquid Phosphite Specialty Fertilizer For Maize Lodging Resistance And High Yield

Liquid Phosphite Specialty Fertilizer For Maize Lodging Resistance And High Yield

QDREGREEN is the manufacturer and supplier of Liquid Phosphite Specialty Fertilizer For Maize Or Corn Lodging Resistance And High Yield, in short maize liquid fertilizer, with the benefit of controlling over growth,reducing half of the NPK and Urea and only application one time in whole growth season.

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Product Details

Liquid Phosphite Specialty Fertilizer For Maize Lodging Resistance And High Yield 


Introduction Of Maize Liquid Fertilizer

·Base on zinc Phosphite as the main raw material, with additional additives of high-efficiency, this product has characters of high safety, good mobility and strong conductivity.

As one kind of specialty liquid fertilizer and with special chelation process, phosphorus and zinc effect synergistically, absorbed by leaves, both can be transported freely through the phloem to meet the needs of crops rapidly.

·After application, the leaves turn dark green quickly, and the stems are getting thick and strong. The crops can grow 3-5 more layers of adventitious roots, which make the crops not easy to fall down, with increasing the root absorption capacity greatly, fully satisfying the nutrients needed for growth, and reducing half of the base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizers, making the corn niblet plump-eared, no baldness, increase yield by 30% at least.

·This maize high yield fertilizer is especially suitable for adverse environment, such as low temperature, low light and drought, salt and pesticides damage etc.

·It can effectively overcome the disorder growth of corn under adverse conditions, improve the stability of cell membrane, activate the synthesis of endogenous hormones in corn, and quickly return to normal growth.


Overview And Specification Of Maize Liquid Fertilizer

HS CODE 31059090.00
Appearance Brown clear liquid
Release Type Quick
ShipmentBy Sea or Air Within 15 Working Days After Order Confirmed
Package25kgs/Barrel 250kgs/Barrel 1000L/IBC Tank or OEM
N2.7% w/w
P2O5 27.5% w/w
Zn+B 6.8% w/w
Organic Matter3.4% w/w
Physcial Property pH:6.5(1:250), Specific Gravity:1.47


Application And Dosage Of Maize Liquid Fertilize

Stage: When corn grows 8-10 leaves

·diluted in 300-600 times water for foliar spray, make sure spray evenly.

·Focus on spraying the bell mouth part, spray evenly.

Re-spray is strictly prohibited!

·Disaster occurrence period: Dilute in 600-1000 times water for foliar spray.


Benefits Of Maize Liquid Fertilizer:

·Special made for maize lodging resistance

·Control over growth

·Only application one time in whole growth season

·Reduce the application of the NPK and Urea fertilizer in half.

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