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Neutral Silica Silicon Liquid Fertilizer for Foliar Spray Fertigation and Hydroponics

Neutral Silica Silicon Liquid Fertilizer for Foliar Spray Fertigation and Hydroponics

QDREGREEN is the manufacturer and supplier of neutral silica silicon liquid fertilizer for foliar spray fertigation and hydroponics, which provide the source of SiO2 and organic carbon for plant strength and soil amendment or conditioner with improved plant adverse resistance.

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Product Details

Neutral Silica Silicon Liquid Fertilizer For Foliar Spray Fertigation And Hydroponics

Introduction of Neutral Silicon Fertilizer
The neutral silicon fertilizer, one kind of silicon liquid fertilizer, is compatible with most water soluble fertilizers and pesticides, such as calcium nitrate and liquid calcium and zinc fertilizer. Also, it is used as silicon fertigation and silicon hydroponics as well as silicon foliar fertilizer.
The neutral silicon fertilizer can increase the thickness of cell wall in stem and leave, strength the stem and leave of plant, and improve the resistance to insects, lodging and plant diseases such as powdery mildew, septoria and eye-spot.


Specification of Neutral Silicon Fertilizer


Yellow Clear Liquid

Molecular Formula


Release Type


Brand Name



By Sea or Air Within 15 Working Days After Order Confirmed


25kgs/Barrel 250kgs/Barrel 1000L/IBC Tank or OEM


20% w/w

Organic Carbon C

8% w/w

Physical Property

pH 7.0 (1: 1), pH 7.0 (1: 250), Specific Gravity 1.25


Application of Neutral Silicon Fertilizer
Foliar spray
· Applied to citrus, apples, bananas, grapes, pineapples and other fruit trees diluted 600-1500 times.
· Applied to cucumber, pepper, tomato, strawberry, watermelon and other fruit and vegetable crops diluted 500-1000 times.
· Applied to oil crops and corn, rice, wheat, cotton and other field crops diluted 400-600 times.


Benefit of Neutral Silicon Fertilizer
· Compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers and pesticides, such as calcium nitrate, sugar alcohol calcium and sugar alcohol zinc
· Improves uptake of nutrients and transport through the plant.
· Strengthens cell walls, enhance plants to resist attacks from fungi and mites.
· Regulates uptake of toxic elements, slows transpiration and increases heat tolerance

Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: The high concentrated and chelated liquid fertilizers are produced and supplied by ourselves. The crystal water soluble fertilizers for powder are produced and supplied by our partner factory, but the price is lower and the quality is excellent.

Q: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, we are glad to offer you samples to test. The sample is free, but the shipping cost will be paid by customers, after place order, we will deduct the shipping cost from the total amount of commercial invoice.

Q: How does your factory manage quality control?
A: We have the strict quality control before delivery by our Quality Center, also we can supply the quality certification from the third party such as SGS, CCIC, BV etc.



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