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Liquid Calcium Fertilizer Compatible With Phosphorus Potassium PK WSF MKP B

QDREGREEN is the manufacturer and supplier of Liquid Calcium Fertilizer Compatible With Phosphorus Potassium PK WSF MKP B,in short,Compatible Calcium Fertilizer,which is compatible with Water Soluble Fertilizer (WSF),Liquid Boron Fertilizer or Boric Acid, liquid PK Fertilizer, MKP fertilizer and Potassium Sulfate at discount or wholesale price from factory.

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Product Details

Liquid Calcium Fertilizer Compatible With Phosphorus Potassium PK WSF MKP B

Compatible with most water soluble fertilizers(WSF)
Compatible with liquid Phosphorus Potassium Fertilizer(PK Fertilizer)
Compatible with Liquid Boron, Boric Acid, Borate Fertilizers
Compatible with MonoPotassium Phosphate (MKP)

Introduction Of Compatible Calcium Fertilizer

This product is mainly composed of calcium, magnesium and zinc,and is fully blended with various additives such as phosphorous acid, alginic acid and polyglutamic acid,which has good mobility and high utilization rate.

 The product is compatible with most water soluble fertilizers,liquid

Phosphorus Potassium Fertilizer(Liquid PK Fertilizer)and can quickly supply the crops with secondary and trace elements,especially calcium.

This product is often used to promote plant growth, thicken the leaves, prevent leaves yellowing, improve quality, enhance storage and transport, resist disease and adverse environment, increase production and income.

Overview And Specification Of Compatible Calcium Fertilizer

Red Brown Liquid
Release Type
Brand Name
By  Sea or Air Within 15 Working Days After Order Confirmed
25kgs/Barrel 250kgs/Barrel 1000L/IBC Tank or OEM
9.8% w/w (15% w/v)
1.2% w/w (2% w/v)
1.2% w/w (2% w/v)
Physical Property
pH:4.0(1:250), Specific Gravity:1.53

Application And Dosage OfCompatible Calcium Fertilizer

Application to most fruit crops,vegetables,oil crops,cereals crops.

Drip irrigation or foliar spray:15-30Kg/Hectare


Benefits Of Compatible Calcium Fertilizer

•For foliar spray and fertigation in open fields as well as hydroponics nutrients.
•Compatible with most water soluble fertilizers(WSF)
•Compatible with liquid Phosphorus Potassium Fertilizer(PK Fertilizer)
•Compatible with Liquid Boron Fertilizer
•Compatible with MonoPotassium Phosphate (MKP)

FAQ of Compatible Calcium Fertilizer

1. Q: Why this product is compatible with water soluble fertilizer, liquid phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, liquid boron and potassium dihydrogen phosphate?
A: Because we add a lot of accessory ingredients such as phosphite, alginic acid and polyglutamic acid for the compatibility.

2. Q: With adding these accessory ingredients, can the calcium be fully absorbed by crops?
A: This product can be completely absorbed by crops in the form of calcium ion Ca2+.

3. Q: The product is compatible with water soluble fertilizer,What exactly do the water-soluble fertilizers include?
A: This product is compatible with Macro elements water soluble fertilizer, secondory and trace element water soluble fertilizer, amino acid water soluble fertilizer,  humic acid water soluble fertilizer and alginic acid water soluble fertilizer

4. Q: When mixes with Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP),What is the difference between this product and the common liquid calcium?
A: When mixed the Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP), the common liquid calcium fertilizer such as sugar alcohol calcium,amino acid calcium will react with MKP,and flocculation will occurs in 5-10 minutes, but the product does not have such a problem.

5. Q: Is the product stable? How long is the shelf life?
A: After a large number of experiments and 3 years of observation, the product is stable in sealed container. the  shelf life is 3 years or 36 months.

6. Q: Can this product be compatible with potassium chloride, potassium sulfate or potassium polyphosphate?
A:Yes, it can.While other calcium fertilizers, such as amino acid calcium, sugar alcohol calcium,liquid calcium can't be compatible with any of above Potaasium fertilizers.

7. Q: What are the precautions when using this product in combination with other fertilizers or pesticides?
A: For safety sakes, dilute each fertilizers or pesticides separately and then mix together. Apply after mix, no storage. Always do a test ahead.

8. Q: Can you provide technical guidance or service for this product?
A: We provide a full range of technical guidance and services. At the peak of fertilizer application, we provide on-the-spot technical guidance.

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