A Scientific life of Grapevines

- Jun 29, 2018 -

A Scientific life of Grapevines

                                                                                  - the 5th day of Re-green Summer Camp


Foodies, Grape is on the way!

Everybody knows grape is delicious, very few knows how to plant one. Today, let’s learn something on annual growth cycle of grapevines.

Grape has a similar life cycle as other fruits trees as below but with extra heading stage.

Dormancy Break → Bud break→ Heading stage → Flowering → Fruit setting → Expansion stage → Veraison → Harvest →Dormancy

 Let's gothrought wth each.

1. Dormancy Break. Especillay in the green house of grape, literally means break the dormancy by external methods, and promote bud sprout earlier, and then all of growth will be ahead to normal growth cycle. 

About dormancy, it is the cessation of visible growth of plant meristems. It is the biological characteristics of higher plants that have evolved over a long period of time to adapt to the external environment.

There are two ways to break the dormancy, physical and Chemical methods, the former ones have a large workload and high labor costs with limitations, and are generally used less than latter.

Chemical break method - spray the chemical solution onto the branches to inhibit the activity of related enzymes to break dormancy, Calcium Cyanamide and Cyanamide are two of the most used solutions.


2. Bud break→ Heading stage is the foundation of fruit.

During both stages, man intervention is mainly to promote the leaves growth and the accumulation of nutrition.

We recommend our products as below:

Foliar spray Calcium Phosphite with Zinc Fertilizer(diluted in 600-1000times water), promote leaf turning to green rapidly, make the leaves to be thick, green and bright, and enhance the photosynthetic function. This product contains Phosphorous(P+3), which has the function of fungicide, can prevent and cure many disease.


3. Heading stage → before flowering.

To improve the pollination quality of the grapes and increase the number of functional flowers. We recommend Calcium Phosphite with Zinc Fertilizer, and Liquid Boron.


4. Flowering stage- The flowers are fragile and sensitive, we do not suggest fertilizer for foliar spray at this stage. The flowing stage lasts 5-7days, and it is also the stage of bud and flower differentiation .


Squaring stage →flower




Flower bloom →flower fade




After the flower.

Important to make the trees prepare for fruits. We recommend our products as below: Foliar spray Liquid Potassium Phosphite and and Silicon Calcium Magnesium Mixture to control the apical dominance, promote nutrient transfer from leaf to the fruit, increase the number and quality of fruit set.


5. Fruit set.

Before expansion stage: Silicon Calcium Magnesium Mixture.

Expansion stage - the main process during this stage is ‘promote’.It’s recommended Liquid Potassium Phosphite 37.5kgs per hectare by fertigation.




6. Veraison period - The core is to improve the conversion rate and sweetness .

During the this period, the sugar content begins to increase, and the acidity begins to weaken.

At the same time, the phenolic substances in the grapes begin to accumulate, and the growth of leaves and buds slows down, while most of the nutrients are used to ripen the grapes. 

Liquid Potassium Phosphite - foliar spray (diluted in 600-1000 times waiter)is recommended .



7. Harvest - the most expected period.



After the harvest to dormancy,liquid Calcium Phosphite with Zinc by foliar spray(diluted in 600-1000 times water) along with 8 elements Phosphite fertigation - 45-75kgs each hectare is recommended.


8. Dormancy

Grapevines enters the dormancy period, it will improve their resistance to the bad environment through a series of physiological and biochemical changes, and help the buds of fruit trees to safely pass through the winter. The quiescence is not the absolute stop of plant life activities, but rather a relative phenomenon of plants, occurs periodically during plant growth.

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