Storage methods of fertilizers

- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. Anti-damp deterioration: such as ammonium bicarbonate easy to moisture, resulting in nitrogen volatile loss; the hygroscopicity of ammonium nitrate is very strong, easy caking, hygroscopic, lime nitrogen and calcium superphosphate easily caking after absorption, affecting the application effect. Therefore, these fertilizers should be stored in a dry, cool place, especially when the ammonium bicarbonate storage packaging should be sealed firmly, to avoid contact with the air.
2. Fire protection against the sun: nitrogen fertilizer after exposure to the sun or high humidity, nitrogen volatile loss will be accelerated; ammonium nitrate at high temperature will break down oxygen, in the event of flammable will burn, has been caking do not use a hammer to blow, in order to prevent explosions. Nitrogen fertilizer storage should avoid the sun, prohibit fireworks, not with diesel, kerosene, firewood and other items stacked together.
3. Anti-volatile loss: ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate is very easy to near volatile loss, storage to be sealed. Nitrogen fertilizer, SSP is strictly prohibited with alkaline substances (lime, vegetation ash, etc.) mixed stacking, in order to prevent nitrogen fertilizer volatile loss and reduce fertilizer efficiency.
4. Corrosion-resistant: SSP has corrosive, to prevent contact with skin, metal utensils, ammonia has a strong corrosive to copper, iron, suitable for storage in ceramic, plastic, wooden containers. In addition, fertilizer can not be stacked with seeds, do not use fertilizer bagged seeds, so as not to affect the germination of seeds.

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