The effect of liquid fertilizer

- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. Comprehensive nutritional composition.
Rich in sufficient plant growth required by constant elements, trace elements and other organic matter nutrients. In addition to the application of base, no other fertilizer, micro-fertilizer, plant growth regulator should be applied.
2. Fast absorption and high utilization rate.
All kinds of nutrients are in the form of direct absorption and utilization of plants, and they need not be transformed. 24 hours after spraying can absorb more than 95%.
3. Replace topdressing, save investment.
Organic, inorganic nutrients in the spraying liquid fertilizer after the interaction, priority phase. Improve biological utilization, so that fertilizer efficiency is stable and lasting. Although the amount of fertilization is small, the utilization rate of crops is high. Ensure high yield and stable yield of crops. But the common root fertilization and ordinary foliar liquid fertilizer nutrient single and low utilization rate. The experimental results show that the liquid fertilizer can completely replace the root dressing and save the investment $number.
4. The effect of increasing production is obvious.
It can promote root growth, increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis efficiency, prolong leaf function period and increase dry matter accumulation. According to the experiment of "spraying the liquid fertilizer to increase the production effect" of the Soil Fertilizer Research Institute in Hubei province, the liquid fertilizer can make the crop increase 10-60%.
5. Increase the resistance to crops.
After spraying liquid fertilizer, the photosynthesis and respiration intensity can be improved, and the activity of enzymes will be promoted, which directly influences a series of physiological processes in the crop body. Especially, the stomatal regulation ability is enhanced and the water evaporation can be controlled automatically. During drought, water evaporation is inhibited and water evaporation is accelerated when flooding. The spraying and spraying of the liquid fertilizer at the same time, in the sun for half an hour after exposure, found the former and pull-out before the same kind, the latter obviously become listless. Can withstand winter frost. The heavy frost seedling does not lie down, the sun is not wilted. The liquid fertilizer can promote the transformation of low molecular compounds into polymers, thus reducing the supply of soluble nutrients and inhibiting the breeding of bacteria. In addition, the liquid fertilizer can enhance the cell epidermis thickness, promote the cell lignin, so that the crop stems are dense and robust, lodging resistance is enhanced, but also make the bacteria easy to invade, and improve the ability to resist pests and diseases.
6. Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting environment, not compacted soil.
It is the ideal fertilizer to develop green food and soilless culture. The liquid fertilizer can also be mixed with pesticides, herbicides and so on, save time and labor.
Widely used in rice, cotton, fruits, vegetables, tea, tobacco, medicinal herbs, flowers, trees and other economic crops throughout the growth period of irrigation, Chong, drip irrigation and foliar spray.

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