Advanced KH2PO3 Potassium Phosphite Liquid fertilizer Gives People Green Enjoyment

- Nov 11, 2017 -

       Liquid fertilizer is also called fluid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, clean liquid fertilizer, etc., is a kind of compound concentrated liquid fertilizer that is rich in a variety of medium and large trace elements, the package is mainly in the barrel and the bottle.

      KH2PO3 Potassium Phosphite Liquid fertilizer is not common foliar fertilizer, it is only named after the existence form, liquid fertilizer is the liquid of solid fertilizer, more conforms to the world to lead the development trend.Liquid fertilizer is made of super concentrated liquid, and can greatly reduce the cost of transportation, such as Re-green clear effects of a bottle of spraying on the specification can be a few acres, the long-distance transportation storage can reduce the cost, can be quickly put into use in the cultivation of the fields.The most important feature of the integration of water and fertilizer is that it can be absorbed more efficiently by water and fertilizer, which is more efficient than traditional water soluble fertilizer, which can save water resources.


       The potassium phosphite, in form of potassium phosphite liquid, can release the secondary and trace nutrients fixed in soil such as Calcium Zinc and Iron, and also, can loose the harden soil, increase the ventilation of the soil, and improve the environment among the root system for root growth, which are helpful to crop health and growth. 
The phosphite products can be used as hydroponics nutrients as well as phosphite foliar spray.

       If you have the need of KH2PO3 Potassium Phosphite Liquid fertilizer, you can send us an enquiry for information you want and we will reply you in 24 hours.

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