Agricultural Transformation Drives Fertilizer Upgrading

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Thousands of years of Chinese agricultural civilization is created by organic agriculture, but not to support today's 1.3 billion people, fertilizer to solve the problem of food and clothing. But at present, China's grain production relies on a large amount of resources to support, China's agricultural development has gone through a high investment, high resources and environmental costs of the road, the process of continuous increase in resource investment, production hovering, efficiency decline, environmental problems highlighted. Therefore, the transformation of agricultural development mode is imperative. First of all, we must change from a single pursuit of high yield to a sustainable development. Secondly, in order to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, we should turn to the quantity quality benefit, pay attention to improve the competitiveness, focus on agricultural technology innovation, pay attention to sustainable and intensive development.
The transformation of fertilizer industry should follow the three-step strategy. The first step is to reduce efficiency. Total control, optimization ratio, weight loss does not reduce production. Formulation and production of products according to agricultural needs. The second step is to increase production efficiency and comprehensive management. To popularize new technologies such as fertilizer + fertilization and cultivation, and strive to increase yield and efficiency of $number. The third strategy is to strive for high productivity and efficiency. This will be achieved using fertilizer and nutrient management techniques, crop integrated management techniques and soil productivity enhancement technologies
The future development of new fertilizers should be to meet the needs of intensive modern agriculture. The first generation of fertilizer to optimize the proportion of nitrogen and phosphorus potassium, to achieve weight gain efficiency. The second generation of fertilizer is to achieve green production and increase efficiency. New fertilizers based on soil and crop characteristics. Regulates the form of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The third generation of fertilizers is based on modern biology and its interaction with new fertilizers. We will strengthen the physical-chemical-biological process of root-leading, and finally achieve high quality and high efficiency.

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