Fertilizer Enterprises: To Break Through The Ceiling Must Have Three Attention To The Wild

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Constrained by overcapacity and weak agricultural demand, these years, the growth of the agricultural industry has slowed markedly, the benefits continued to decline, the expansion momentum weakened. In this context, everyone is very confused: agricultural enterprises have been to the limit of growth? How to break through the development of the "ceiling"?
In fact, the agricultural industry is entering a new round of restructuring and restructuring. As fertilizer enterprises, if we enlarge our horizons, from three of dimensions to examine the current agricultural industry, seemingly trough, in fact, there is a vast space for development.
The first emphasis on wild is from fertilizer amplification to the agricultural industry. In the future, the integration of agricultural materials, service and modernization is an inevitable trend. Fertilizer enterprises do agricultural services, not only to sell fertilizers, but also including seeds, pesticides, agricultural facilities and other businesses. Some people have done statistics, fertilizer, seeds, pesticides and agricultural facilities together, this is a large market with a size of 2 trillion yuan, and in this, fertilizer accounted for 30%-40%. Therefore, in the coming agricultural industry integration, fertilizer enterprises have the ability and responsibility to undertake this strategic transformation, to open up new markets for the industry.
The second emphasis on wild is from the agricultural to enlarge to big agriculture. This is a much broader market, with an estimated 10 trillion yuan of industrial scale. In this process, fertilizer enterprises to do is to become a comprehensive service provider of large agriculture. New has made a fruitful attempt in this regard. In recent years, the new ocean has introduced a series of special fertilizer for crops, which basically covers the total coverage of major agricultural products and the whole area of major crops. On this basis, the new ocean Fung selected some of the geographical landmark products, combined with products, technology, agricultural services and financial advantages, to provide farmers with farming solutions, to create from the mine to the field, and then from the field to the table of the agricultural industry chain.
With the increasing demand for high quality agricultural products and branded agricultural products, we believe that fertilizer enterprises can exert enough space on the agricultural chain connected upstream and downstream.
The third priority is to enlarge from China to the world. China currently has a GDP of $11 trillion, the world's second-largest economy. As China moves towards the world's largest economy, fertiliser companies need to seize this historic opportunity to look for opportunities for development in the world and take the international path.
The internationalization of fertilizer enterprises includes four levels. One is the internationalization of trade, which mainly refers to the import and export of fertilizers, the second is the internationalization of technology, on the one hand to learn the introduction of international leading crop nutrition technology, on the one hand, the export of China's advantage technology; The four is the internationalization of resources, in the global allocation of high-quality agricultural resources, such as the purchase of high-quality crop varieties, pastures and so on.
In short, the future for fertilizer enterprise stage is very broad. For us, the core mission is to solve the Chinese agricultural production efficiency is low this one of the largest short board, agricultural Enterprises as the forerunner of agriculture modernization industry, a great deal, should take the initiative to attack. At present, China's agricultural population is larger than the overall, making the advanced productivity can not be fully played, according to forecast, by 2030 years or so, China will basically complete agricultural modernization. Therefore, agricultural enterprises must maintain strategic strength, and constantly explore new models, and actively integrate into China's agricultural modernization process.

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