Liquid Fertiliser Will Be The Future Mainstream Fertilizer

- Sep 22, 2017 -

According to the law of soil nutrient and tea tree fertilizer, the foliar fertilizer suitable for tea tree was prepared. The results showed that the liquid foliar fertilizer containing large, medium and micro nutrients had good effect on leaf nutrition, tea yield was more than 15%, tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acid and water extract content were improved. This issue: Anhui Water soluble Fertilizer Engineering Technology Research Center Han, Zhang for you to describe the development of liquid fertilizers in China.
Soil contains a variety of plant growth and development necessary nutrients, when the soil nutrient supply is insufficient, it is necessary to rely on fertilization to supplement. The purpose of soil fertilization is to supplement the relatively small amount of nutrients in the soil, thus achieving a balance between fertilizer and fertilizer needs. Application is an effective way to absorb nutrients from crops, and compared with soil fertilization, application has the characteristics of fast nutrient absorption, high utilization rate, low dosage and low soil pollution, and has good nutrition and conditioning function to crops.
Preparation of foliar Fertilizers
Considering the soil feeding capacity, the characteristics of tea needs fertilizer and the spraying concentration of various nutrient matters, the formulation of foliar fertilizer was determined, and the combined concentration and surface wetting technology were developed, and the suitable nutrient-type foliar fertilizer for tea was prepared.
The preparation process is mainly composed of a large number of elements and water dissolved, through the wetting agent complex reaction, filtered into the whole nutrient-type foliar fertilizer. The trace element and the water, chelating agent Chelate, after the adjuvant compound reaction, filtered into the whole nutrition type foliar fertilizer.
Nutrient-rich Tea leaf fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, boron, molybdenum. The specific formula is adjusted rationally according to the soil fertility of tea plantations.
Fertilizer Test
Anhui Province soil fertilizer terminus in Anhui province Qianshan County Gardening field tea garden, do "huangshan big leaf species" fertilizer efficiency test, spraying foliar fertilizer treatment Area of 5 mu, clear Water control area of 1 mu. March 6 and March 15 in the afternoon each spraying foliar fertilizer, each mu to take fat liquid 125 ml diluted with water 800 times times. The results of the experiment were as follows: The foliar fertilizer spraying was increased by 22.4%; one leaf hundred buds weight 9.04%.
Jiangsu Province Soil Fertilizer Science and technology guidance station in Jiangsu province Liyang Jinfeng tea plantation, do "longjing 43" effect test, a total of 3 test points, each test point spraying foliar fertilizer treatment Area of 2 mu, clear water control area of 0.5 acres. March 16 and March 23 each spraying foliar fertilizer, each mu to take fat liquid 100 ml diluted with water 500 times times. The results of the experiment were as follows: the foliar fertilizer sprayed with the clear water was increased by 17.12%; one leaf hundred buds weight 5.2%.
The Ministry of Agriculture on the issue of the "development of fruit and vegetable tea organic fertilizer Alternative chemical fertilizer Action Plan", clearly put "organic fertilizer + integration of water and fertilizer" as an important model, foliar spraying is the most easy to achieve the current integration of water and fertilizer, liquid fertilizers is the future of mainstream fertilizers. It can be seen that the development of foliar fertilizer products suitable for tea and its corresponding spraying technology is an important means for nutritional conditioning of tea plants.

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