New Production Pomotion In CAC2018 Shanghai

- Mar 12, 2018 -

During Mar.07-09 Qingdao Re-green attended the 19th CAC in Shanghai, compare with last year, we brought more 15 different samples, and 10 of them are new samples. More than 50 customers from Thailand, Indian, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Europe, South of America visited our booth, and showed many interests in our Phosphite fertilizer.



In this CAC fair, we brought the liquid Neutral Silicon fertilizer, differs from the silicon fertilizer in the market, the pH value of our fertilizer is 7.0, sothat it is compatible with most of the water soluble fertilizer and pesticide, such as calcium nitrate, liquid calcium fertilizer and zinc fertilizer.

In order to increase the fungicide and bactericide function, we developed the Zinc Phosphite, Manganese Zinc Phosphite and Copper phosphite, compare with Zineb, Mancozeb, and Copper agents, our production has better effect on killing fungus and bacteria, due to the phosphorous acid inside,meanwhile they supply the macroelements and trace elements.

Another advantage of our phosphite fertilizers is you can mix our fertilizer with any fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and so on, it will a lot work for final customers. For drip irrigation system, our phosphite fertilizer also can dissolve the precipitate caused by fertilizer mixture.

We will publish some videos to show the compatibility of our phosphite fertilizers soon.