Rapid Development Of Liquid Fertilizers

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Koriki, Secretary-General of the China nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry Association, introduced that the current global growth in nitrogen production is still relatively rapid and demand growth has remained modest. But in the short term, by the cost rise and the price trough double squeeze, the domestic nitrogen fertilizer enterprise survival condition is worrying, the industry overall start rate is low.
Compared with the plight of nitrogen fertilizer, the domestic phosphate fertilizer industry experienced a trough, but its relatively high flexibility for the industry's rapid recovery retained hope. Li, Secretary-General of China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association, said: "In 2016, the domestic phosphate fertilizer industry profit decline is obvious, phosphate enterprise profit margin is 0.49%, compound fertilizer profit margin is slightly more than 4%." ”
Potash, the main head of the domestic potash production Enterprises said that the current supply and demand structure of the industry is generally stable.
In recent years, the new special fertilizer in China's fertilizer market unique, out of a different style. The vigorous development of new fertilizers also provides a way out for the transformation of domestic chemical fertilizer: green, ecological and environmental friendliness will be the main direction of the industry.
In the new type of fertilizer, the development of slow controlled release fertilizer is particularly outstanding. At present, China has become the largest producer and consumer of slow-controlled release fertilizers, production and consumption is still rising year, at the same time participate in the formulation of international standards, highlighting China's manufacturing power. In addition, the water soluble fertilizer in China has developed rapidly in the past five years. This is closely related to the actual situation of our country and the relevant national policies. With the development of water and fertilizer integration, the development of liquid fertilizers is very rapid. Water soluble fertilizer is a hot spot in recent years, whether from the view of consumption or productivity and output.

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