Scientific Application Of Calcium-containing Element Fertilizer To Reduce Cracking Of Cracked Melon

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Late September, began to enter the winter large-shed vegetables sowing seedling period, cucumber, eggplant, chili, tomatoes and other economic crops of the greenhouses planted in succession can be sown seedlings. In order to improve the yield and economic benefit of fruit and vegetable crops, it is necessary to improve the refinement of its field management technology, especially for water and fertilizer administration, if the cracking melon cracking caused by improper watering and fertilization will directly affect the yield. The scientific application of calcium-containing element fertilizer can effectively reduce the cracking of cracked melon.
With the improvement of people's economic level and the improvement of the quality of life, people are pursuing green, healthy eating habits, vegetable planting and other agricultural greenhouses occupy the dominant position of the market. Because indoor is high temperature, high humidity special environment, in the crop growth, because the fertilization uneven, or the soil nutrient element imbalance, will cause some elements lack or the excessive, causes the crop external various lack of grain phenomenon, causes the fruit and vegetable production to reduce, affects the harvest.
The deficiency of boron, iron, calcium and magnesium is more common in the phenomenon of vegetable deficiency. Among them, the lack of calcium elements will affect the results of crop fruiting, causing cracking melon cracking, umbilical rot disease, such as tomato cracking and empty spikes and umbilical rot; cucumber fruiting appeared in the growth point of leaf dry edge phenomenon, melon fruit during fruiting period; Wrinkles, fruit firmness, growth point necrosis; cabbage rotten heart, bad heart, dry heartburn, pepper seedling growth point necrosis, late umbilical rot disease; These are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in fruits and vegetables.
The reason for the lack of calcium will cause cracking melon cracking, mainly because the calcium element in the growth of crops can induce cell wall calcification, can significantly resist the infection of pathogens, prevention of disease ability greatly improved, reduce the cracking melon cracking, umbilical rot disease generation opportunities. In addition, the calcium element into the soil, but also can adjust the soil ph balance, so that the soil more sustainable production capacity.

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