Surprise Urea So Collocation, Fertilizer Effect Doubled

- Sep 22, 2017 -

The Ministry of Agriculture proposed that by 2020 to achieve the main crop pesticide use of zero growth, and require the use of pesticides to reduce efficiency, in order to achieve the goal of pesticide reduction and increase efficiency, some pesticides and fertilizers are introduced in the collocation techniques:
Urea is not only a kind of high quality fertilizer commonly used, but also has certain insecticidal effect.
1, urea and detergent preparation for each MU with urea 0.5-0.7 kg, neutral detergent 125 grams, with $number kg of water after the full dissolution of foliar spraying.  

Can control the grain, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops on the aphids, red spider, caterpillar and other pests. Interval 7-8 days spraying once, continuously spurts 3 times, the control effect can reach about 95%. At the same time also played the role of topdressing, can increase the crop production more than 10%.
2, urea and dichlorvos preparation of 80% Dichlorvos per mu 25 ml, urea 0.5 kg, add water 50 kg mixed evenly, carry out foliar spraying, on vegetables, fruit trees, grain, cotton, tea, flowers and other crops chewing mouth mouth pest and thorn suction mouth of the pest, has a powerful speed killing effect. The control effect of aphids, red spider, caterpillar worms, bridge worm, whitefly and peach worms was as high as 95%.  

Every 6-7 days to prevent and control, the continuous prevention of 3 times, can save pesticide 50%, but also to increase crop production around 10%.  

Because Dichlorvos has the medicine to the sorghum to harm, cannot use, to melon class, legume is more sensitive, must use carefully. 3, urea and the preparation of the plant per mu with 40% of the 50 ml of shea butter, urea 0.5 kg, water 60 kg, mixed evenly after the foliar spraying, can prevent vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, grain, cotton and other crops on aphids, thrips, latent leaf flies and other pests, and has a significant increase in the effect.
Vinegar is rich in nutrition, will be ordinary vinegar, 40% le, water, according to the proportion of 1:1:1500 mixed evenly.
Each MU foliar spraying preparation $number kg, can prevent the grain, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco and other crops on aphids, red spider, thrips, submerged leaf flies, wheat leaf bee and other pests, control effect of about 95%.
More than 30% of the pesticide can be saved by $number, and the insecticidal effect is improved. Because vinegar can soften the body wall of the insect pests, and enhance the osmotic force of the liquid, thus improving the control effect;
At the same time, vinegar contains a variety of nutrients, there is a significant increase in the effect.
Tobacco preparations
The tobacco contains the insecticidal ingredient is the nicotine, the nicotine is one kind of quick-impact insecticide, the insecticidal scope is widespread. The leaves and stems of tobacco contain nicotine, which is the highest in leaf.
1. Tobacco Lime Water
0.5 kg of tobacco or 2 kg of stem chopped, add 10 kg of water boil after an hour, remove the residue, and then add lime water (0.5 kg of quicklime into 5 kilograms of water prepared from), and then add water to 30 kilograms of filtrate, prepared from.
The amount of $number kg per mu, can replace the pesticide control of vegetables, fruit trees, tea, cotton and other crops on aphids, leaf jumping cicada, whitefly, Caterpillar, thrips, leaf worms and many other pests.
2. Tobacco Soap Water
$number grams of soap with hot water, add the above-made tobacco water, and then add 10 kilograms of water mixed evenly. For the above-mentioned pests, with the same amount of spraying, have the same control effect.
According to the oviposition of Helicoverpa armigera, the oxalic acid secreted by cotton strains can attract their ability to spawn, and their fear of phosphorus escaping. During the laying of Helicoverpa armigera, 2% superphosphate liquid with filtrate residue, or $number acid two hydrogen phosphate liquid, was sprayed on the top of the cotton plant, each mu $number kg.
To each spray 8-10 rows, leaving 4 lines without spraying, drive the cotton Bollworm concentrated to the not sprayed on the plant to spawn, and then use the eggs, insecticide-effective water, such as sulfur and phosphorus spraying the spawning plant, can receive a multiplier effect.
The use of the above-mentioned preparations can not only effectively control pests and diseases, but also can play a role in fertilization, provincial labor. These preparations should be made with the use of the preparation, do not store.
Should choose the wind-free 4 o'clock in the afternoon to evening spraying, spraying should be meticulous and thoughtful, so that the entire plant evenly liquid. To strictly control the use of the scope, dosage and use of concentrations, in order to avoid the occurrence of drug damage or fertilizer.

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