The Ministry Of Agriculture Is Pushing For Fertilizer Management Legislation

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture in reply to the national two sessions this year, Anhui delegation suggested that the Ministry of Agriculture will actively promote the enactment of the regulations on fertilizer management, strengthen the management of fertilizer registration, guide the healthy and coordinated development of fertilizer industry.
It is understood that in the promotion of fertilizer management legislation, the Ministry of Agriculture actively carry out the fertilizer management legislation research and system construction, to promote the legislative process. The first is to strengthen the research of fertilizer legislation work. The research of "China fertilizer management system and fertilizer legislation project" was carried out, and the present situation and problems of fertilizer management system in China were analyzed and the successful experience of international fertilizer management was studied, and the suggestion of perfecting fertilizer management system was put forward. Second, strengthen the construction of fertilizer management system. According to existing laws and regulations, further standardize fertilizer registration management, improve fertilizer registration management and service level, perfect fertilizer Registration technical standard system, and support local regulations about fertilizer management. Third, strengthen the supervision and management of fertilizer market. In accordance with the requirements of the agricultural law, the agricultural Product quality and Safety Act, the organization carries out activities such as the publicity of the false discrimination in fertilizers, the protection of fertilizer and the supervision of fertilizer market, and earnestly maintains the interests of farmers and legitimate enterprises.
Next, the Ministry of Agriculture will actively promote the enactment of the Fertilizer Management regulations, strengthen the management of fertilizer registration, and guide the healthy and coordinated development of fertilizer industry.
With the development of industrialization and the increase of population, fertilizer has been widely used in agricultural production. At the same time, due to unreasonable fertilization on the environment has a certain impact, which prompted many countries to pay attention to the use of fertilizer management, the enactment of relevant laws or regulations. such as Canada enacted the Fertilizer Act in 1985, the United Kingdom promulgated the Fertilizer Act in 1991, Germany in 1986 promulgated the Fertilizer Act, and so on. One of the important contents of these foreign fertilizer laws, it is to standardize the quality of fertilizer and field application, to write the law of Fertilizer standard, agricultural admittance, fertilizer use amount, organic nitrogen content and time of use, and to stipulate the duty of the agricultural department and the user's duty very clearly in the law.
China's agricultural law, agricultural product quality and safety law, basic farmland protection regulations and water pollution Prevention law are related to fertilizer use management and technology extension. Among them, the contents of the legal provisions include 4 aspects: agricultural Administrative departments should strengthen the management and guidance of agricultural inputs; agricultural producers should use fertilizers rationally; no forced farmers to purchase designated means of production;
Some industry insiders point out that China still has a lot of need to improve fertilizer use management. If the relevant legal provisions are more than the guidance of the provisions, the Department's responsibilities are not specific, the use of fertilizer standards are not clear, the law enforcement management is not sufficient, the relevant regulations are many, the law enforcement system is insufficient, the coercive measures are insufficient and the fertilizer use is unregulated. The promotion of fertilizer legislation is conducive to the establishment of a sound fertilizer management system.

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