The Unique Phosphite Fertilizer

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The Unique Phosphite Fertilizer
                                                                            -The 3rd day of Re-green Summer Camp


Being the manufacturer of supplier of Liquid P Fertilizer, why we choose P as our main product? What does P do to crops?


As one of the macro elements, P plays an important role in the whole life of crops.
1) P promotes root growth in the seedling and whole life of crops because of P accelerates cell division.
2) P enhances crops strongness, as P increase dry matter accumulation which stores in the stems, branches etc.
3) P promotes flower.
4) P is important to reproduction. P is a vital component of the substances that are building blocks of genes and chromosomes. So, it is an essential part of the process of carrying the genetic code from one generation to the next, providing the “blueprint” for all aspects of plant growth and development.
5) Improve the quanlity of output.
6) Enhance adverse resistance, especially in cold and drought resistance.
7) Energy storage - ATP, ADP.P play important role in photosynthesis and respiration.

Above is many advantage of P, does P has got weakness? Yes!
P is one of the elements difficult to absorb. Because P is easily fixed by calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron and other ions in the soil to become insoluble phosphate.


P is so imptortant but with such weakness, what should we do? Find the appropriate source of P! And we did it after many years experiance, we fix on Phosphorous(P+3).

Differs from phosphorus(P+5), Phosphorous(P+3) has below features:
1) Phosphorous moves fast in the soil, can also dissolves and releases nutrients (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron, etc.) originally fixed in the soil. This not only breaks the soil compaction, but also provides multiple nutrients for crops.
2)Phosphorus can be quickly transferred up and down in the crop body, which makes way for other nutrients, especially calcium, zinc, iron and boron which have poor mobility of inert nutrients in crops.
3)It can stimulate the plant to produce phytoalexins, lignin, strong oxidase and other substances in the process of converting into substances such as nucleic acids, nuclear proteins, phospholipids, and high-energy phosphate compounds, which can not only improve the prevention of crop diseases, but also play a bactericidal antibacterial effect, so that crops get sick or even sick!

Base on Phosphorous(P+3), we produce different LIQUID PHOSPHITE with below features:

1) Strong antioxidant capacity - Stable, no crystal or precipitate - even long time exposure in air.
2) Strong reducing ability. - Compatible with other fertilizers, such as Calcium, Boron and so on.
3) Scavenger: piping, in crops.
4) Improve quality, promote coloration, increase production.
5) Pest control, insecticide.
6) Adverse resistant.


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