Vigorously Promote The Decrease Of Fertilizer And Pesticide And Increase Efficiency

- Sep 22, 2017 -

With the increase of cost and environmental pressure caused by the excessive input of fertilizers and pesticides, the relevant departments have implemented the "zero-growth action of fertilizer usage by 2020" and "the action of zero-growth of pesticide use in 2020", vigorously promoting the work of reducing fertilizer and pesticide efficiency.

In the area of fertilizer reduction and synergism:

One is to reduce the structure of the optimization. Reduce high latitudes, arid areas and barren areas of the land for maize cultivation, reducing fertilizer input. At the same time, optimize the ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium, optimize the product structure, accelerate the popularization of new and efficient slow-release fertilizers.

The second is to reduce the amount of precision fertilization. Promoting agricultural mechanization and agronomy integration, popularizing the technology of mechanical fertilization, planting fertilizer and fertilizing, and so on, improving fertilizer utilization efficiency.

The third is the organic fertilizer to replace the decrement. To promote straw nutrients, livestock manure utilization, planting green manure, using organic fertilizer instead of some fertilizer.

Four is the new business main body demonstration drive reduce quantity. Relying on large-scale grain, family farms and other new business subjects, in the Northeast and yellow-Huai-hai corn-producing areas, the North facilities and vegetables concentrated production areas and Nangnana base, the Loess Plateau and the Bohai Bay Apple advantageous areas to create 200 of chemical fertilizer reduction and efficiency demonstration zones. The demonstration promotes the scientific fertilization technology and the application of new fertilizers.

In the area of pesticide reduction and synergism:

One is to promote the control of the rule to improve the effectiveness of the reduction. Support the specialized service organization of disease and pest control, carry out the plant protection machinery and the agricultural support, carry on large-scale control rule, improve the control effect.

The second is to promote the prevention and control of pest damage. The use of agricultural control, biological control, physical control, such as green prevention and control technology to prevent the occurrence of disease and pests, reduce the number of prevention.

The third is to promote efficient application of machinery to improve the utilization rate reduction. The promotion of self-walking spray rod sprayer, UAV and other large and medium-sized drug-dispensing machinery, replacement of Paomaodilou backward machinery.

Four is to promote efficient and low risk pesticide optimization structure reduction. The promotion of bio-pesticides, high efficiency and low toxicity and low residue pesticides, the establishment of various forms of integrated control and green control and integration demonstration base 6,900, integration model pesticide reduction and efficiency of integrated technology model, the core demonstration area of more than 50 million acres, radiation-driven 400 million mu.

Through the action of zero-growth of chemical fertilizer and pesticide use, the preliminary results have been achieved in reducing the dosage of fertilizers and pesticides and changing the application methods of fertilization.

First, the amount of fertilizer and pesticide is reduced. 2016, the national agricultural fertilizer dosage since reform and opening up the first close to "zero growth", some provinces to achieve negative growth. On the basis of the negative growth of pesticide consumption in 2015, it continued to show a decreasing trend.

Second, the level of scientific fertilization has improved. The technology coverage of the national formula fertilization was over 80%, and the dosage of formula fertilizer accounted for more than 50% of the total fertilizer.

Third, the utilization of organic fertilizer resources has been improved. 2016, the national Organic fertilizer application area of nearly 400 million mu times, green manure planting area of more than 48 million acres.

Four is the green control level has promoted. 2016, the main crop green control technology application area of more than 500 million mu, disease and pest control coverage of green to 25.2%, 2.1% higher than the previous year.

Five, the level of the control of governance has improved. In 2016, the three major food crops to implement the professionalization of the control to achieve 1.4 billion MU times, the disease and pest specialization in the control coverage reached 35.5%, a year earlier than 2.8%.

It is a long and arduous task to promote the reduction and efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides. Next, the Department of Agriculture will focus on four areas of work:

First, vigorously promote new products. In fertilizer, the emphasis is on the development of new and efficient slow-release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, bio-fertilizers. On pesticides, the focus is to promote high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides, bio-pesticides, pest green control products, accelerate the application of new products.

Second, vigorously promote the new equipment. In the fertilizer, we vigorously promote the integration of water and fertilizer facilities, fertilizer and sowing machine, fertilizer deep application and other new equipment. On pesticides, the promotion of self-walking spray spray machine, plant protection UAV and other new equipment, improve fertilizer, pesticide utilization efficiency.

Third, integrate and popularize new technology. To carry out interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative efforts to break through the technical difficulties of restricting the efficiency of fertilizer and pesticide reduction. The technical model of reducing the efficiency of chemical fertilizer and pesticide by integrating a group of regions and crops is to provide technical support for promoting the zero-growth action of fertilizer and pesticide use.

Four is to promote mechanism innovation. We should accelerate the cultivation of a group of new socialized service organizations with technology, equipment and scale, and carry out services such as fertilizer wildcard and pest control. We should actively promote the cooperation between agriculture and enterprises, guide the fertilizer and pesticide enterprises in the main grain producing areas, economic and horticultural crops, and build a model base for reducing the efficiency of fertilizer and pesticide. Explore the rural cooperative finance, agricultural leasing finance, agricultural credit insurance and other services innovation, support of fertilizer, pesticide use of zero growth action.

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